Hair Care

Hair Care Instructions

Elegance Authentics Hair is committed to ensuring that every customer is pleased with their purchase. Our hair is continually tested to ensure quality is kept and our commitment to maintain good quality hair can be seen in every product we supply. It is important to understand the importance of maintaining your hair weft and keep them looking naturally beautiful. Our Virgin hair is re-usable and will last 1 to 2 years with proper care.

Here at Elegance Authentics Hair, we value all of our customers and will always continue to do so. If you need any help or advice please don't hesitate to contact our experienced sales team. 

Upon Receipt of Hair

Always inspect the hair before installation. Prior to using our hair, feel free to comb, brush or wet it if necessary but do not cut the wefts or lace until you are satisfied with your purchase. If there are any problems with the hair, you should be able to detect them at this time. For our Virgin hair, when performing the co-wash, leave the bundle intact and check for any issues. If you find any issues, please contact us before installation or any alterations. When installing our hair we strongly recommend that it is done by a professional hair stylist. To get the healthiest and longest lifespan, please follow the instructions below. 

Washing Instructions

When dirt accumulates on the hair it will start to tangle, this can be avoided by washing your hair at least every 7 to 10 days. If you don't wash them correctly they could lose their color or tear. 

Use a pH balanced shampoo and conditioner. Put the hair extensions in small individual bowls. Do not use a shampoo or conditioner that is not pH balanced. Gently comb out your extensions one at a time with a brush or a wide toothed comb, this makes for an easier wash. Use your fingers very gently to wet your extensions. Sponge on shampoo gently; do not rub in like you do with normal hair. Be careful not to make any knots. 

Make sure the hair is washed in one direction (from scalp to ends) and avoid circular motions to prevent tangling. Do not twist hair when wet, especially long hair. Whilst your hair is wet, use your fingers to lightly separate it and continue this process with a wide-toothed comb to ensure no sections are joined or intertwined. 

After you shampoo/condition, set on a flat towel and let them naturally dry. Avoid greasy or heavy products as it will weigh down the hair, instead, apply a few drops of oil twice a week. We recommend pure natural oils i.e. Argan oil. You can also use a water based silicone serum at least once a week should you wish to have your hair shine a bit. 


It is important to only use a hair extension brush on or near the extensions; this is to prevent the hair from snagging. Hair extension brushes are specifically designed to flow through the bonds. The use of round barrel brushes, brushes with ball tips, wooden bristle brushes and any other similar products may rip hair from the bonds and cause unnecessary damage. 

When hair is fully dry, gently brush through thoroughly in a downward direction. Please make sure bonds are held when brushing to prevent excess tugging and to prevent forcible removal of the bonds. It is perfectly normal to lose strands of hair when brushing, so don’t panic! Holding sections of the hair, starting with the bottom section and gently brushing the sections in turn, working your way up to the section nearest the root and then brushing through the whole of the hair carefully, will help prevent this. 

Do not brush between the scalp and the bonds. Gently brushing your hair thoroughly at least once or twice a day will prevent knotting and matting. We advise you not to over-brush your hair, as this may result in damage to strands and unnecessary wear and tear. 


We do not recommend any additional color application as this may cause damage to your hair. If you choose to do so, the color should be applied by a professional and carried out on test strands first to achieve the desired results. This will be done at your own discretion and risk. Elegance Authentics Hair will not accept any liability for damage to hair extensions due to coloring. 

Styling & Finishing

Straightening irons, tongs, crimpers and heated rollers can be used on your hair extensions. We advise that you use a good quality heat defense spray to protect your hair and hair extensions at all times when working with heat. You must keep any heat away from the bonding agents at all times as this may cause them to melt. 

Hairsprays, serums and gels may be used on your hair extensions. Please make sure you avoid all bonded areas as this may result in slippage. 


It is recommended that you tie your hair in a loose ponytail or plait before sleeping, this is to prevent unnecessary tangling. You should never go to bed with wet hair. 

Exercise, Lifestyle & Holidays

We do not recommend that you swim when wearing hair extensions. Seawater and chlorinated water may cause hair extensions to dry, matt, discolor, knot and can weaken the bonding agents. If you do choose to swim, we recommend that you place hair extensions into a braid using a covered band. Immediately after swimming, rinse hair with fresh water thoroughly to wash out any chemicals that may lead to damage. This is done at your own risk, Elegance Authentics Hair will not be held responsible for damage caused by seawater and chlorinated water. 


Please ensure a professional removes your hair extensions with the correct tools and solution to prevent damage to your natural hair. 

Recommended Hair Care Products

  • JOHN FREIDA Frizz Ease Hair Serum for straight and wavy hair extensions.